"Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."

Friday, January 25, 2013

What for now?

Apart from taking care my dear Hubby, I do something for Pasedena charity for poor and needy. Playing Piano once a week and baking cakes.

In a less then a week ago, I was called by the friend of mine from Columbia Uni now with Stanford University to be an adjunct with the Graduate School of Business. 

That flattered me the most, happy of coz and we will be spending at least 2 days in the heart of the silicon valley for every week for the next 15 weeks.

I am to teach one of the subject in political Economy. 

I have 92 students in total, they are very nice and diligent boys and girls from different major. 

So this is what I am doing for now until dear hubby finish up his cancer treatment.

will upload my students picture in later part

God blessed..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Yes! Another new year!!! another year...

The best year perhaps! for everyone...

anddd the best year for me!!!!!


The best Christmas gift i ever had! thank you madam lagarde (since I was loaned to her from World Bank) for the permission and signing my release paper! love you...

She wrote it " With this decision, I hope you will have more times with your lovely husband, whom need your utmost attention and you are always welcome any time to contribute any ideas".

very curious style of writing!

All the best to my staffs!!!! I know you guys read up my blog now and then! Notty Notty!

Wish us the best of luck with fight against cancer!

I will be here in South Pasadena, CA with dear hubby for his treatment for the next few month before going back to Manhattan, NY.

What will I do next? Just wait!


Friday, October 12, 2012

I was in Tromsø , Norway (pronounce as Trum So) last month of September. Its the ninth largest city in Norway. I cannot tales tell on why I was there, mostly on work issues.

Would like to share some jokes about Tromsø

This is Tromsø at 10PM

 Midnight in Tromsø 

Tromsø at 4am (early morning)

 and Tromsø at 6am

OK! so tell me when do they sleep?????? or when do I sleep????????

hahah such madness!

My darling hubby is doing well, thank God, the cancer cells are still active, so more treatment.
Its 2 years now since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, up and down with his health.
and me
I have been a Good old boy in this 2 years!!! 
told this to my colleague, and they are shock!! so they ask me (hell ya Bitch!! I should be next in Clove Cover Magazine!! duh)
Q: How can a Gay Couple get stand together so long with NO sex involves?
A: I say you can bitch if you want to. 
Q: How to you get yourself relief?
There are plenty of devices Bitch! ain't your mama told you, you gotta shop around! hahaha
Q: Do you still with your hubby?
A:Hello!!! I am, I bath him every morning (not if I am out of town).

I rarely gossip with my staffs, but I keep it open with Q and A every new month!!! haha
The really shocking Question I ever come across is
(from an old lady cleaner, oh pity her, she's nice btw)
Q: how do you gays have sex?
A: Like any other heteros, find any available holes!!!WAKAKAKA
Q: How do you know to BLOWJOB so well?
A: We men having the same tool as other men, so we know how to pleasure one cock to many (ways) lol

Thank you for words of encouragement, appreciate it very much! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Since we are here in LALA Land (Los Angeles) just little update here and there:

Steve is undergoing treatment at the Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment, LA. new alternative n advance cancer treatment. Not that kind of Chemo that made your hair lose.

He is not very optimistic btw, but the treatment is something to cheer him up...
Finger cross darling, you will be ok.

LALA land is so not like the last 8 years ago when i first encounter the place. Pasadena is total change, I used to stay there and drive all the way to IBM research center located in Northeast region near NY Dr, just next to the Eaton Canyon Park.

We are planning to drive up to San Francisco, if darling hubby condition permit us, through the long road of the Pacific coastal roadside, We did that before and we would love to do it again. Its His wish!!

gosh! thing is... I am not a designated driver, worst one! very2 aunty! hehe
I just need to get a refresher course on driving! here in LA. or worst still, I will hired a chauffeur to drive us all the way to San Francisco. :-)

The best part is, the fasting month here in LA is not that bad thou! compare when we were in Norway. We have The Sahur (morgan breakfast) at 4am and breaking fast time about 7:35pm!

be going back to NYC for Eid il Fitri!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

life in the middle of 2012

Hello bloggers!

long time no update! either I must be very lazy or nuts or what so everrrrrrrrrr!

the thing is

No 1. I a preparing myself for :-
:- changing job by end of 2012, muahahaha lets go back to University and Teach
PS. You guys can always meet at Columbia Uni in NY during Fall's intake

:- hubby's getting worst, so he said I might lost him, I say OK! as long as you
died as Muslim you were! I make sure I build a Mosques/school in many places
on this earth on your behalf. and feed the entire African or wherever.

:- not to get emo or crazy!

No 2. I have done plenty simulation on economics of the world, tell you it works just
fine (ratio of 70% : 30%), the buttttttttt thing is
unless you have some crazy nut head leading the country! ops I cant bloody help
So save up and live where natural resources are available, and people are nice
plenty of land for plantation (yeah i should visit Brazil or Australia)
oh and dont depend too much on petrol (we will see the 2014/15 disasters)
we have sun, wind and water still. Invest in these new power!

right now let me tell you! I really felt like an old chicken! no sex, desire, eating disorder,bla bla bla but thanks I have God to rely on!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sorry for not posting any news! and sorry this time it is in Deutsch

Ich weiß nicht, was ich dazu sagen soll. Obwohl mir heute derart ... nennen wir es mal ... "unkonventionelle" Vorstellungen von der Durchführung des Projektes zu Ohren gekommen sind, wie ich sie wirklich noch nie zuvor gehört hatte, kommt es mir vor, als wäre alles schon mal da gewesen. Ich mag nicht mehr. Motivation fühlt sich anders an.

Zur Belohnung für meine Geduld alles habe ich mir eine Fototasche gekauft. Und ein Buch. Ich würde auch sofort anfangen zu lesen, wenn nicht die Gefahr bestünde, dass mir nach zwei Zeilen die Augen zufallen.

Steve tut gut mit seinem teuren Behandlungen, die nur darauf warten für den Tag kann er verdammt Sex mit mir früher. Ich fühle mich schon wie eine Jungfrau Maria! lol

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It is official now.

It is official now, i am no more attached with European Central Bank (ECB).

Partly relief but another half is telling "is this the right moves?"

anyhow, i am with the World Bank(WB) for next 3 years. will be based in Norway-Sweden.

i am back to my origin of interest "trust economics development" and it is nothing to do with trust-funds.

Have I lost my faith on ECB lately? my answer is not yet, remember i've got promoted to WB last june,i've been doing job for both ECB and WB ever-since and now its has to come to the end.

There are several issues that i would like to share here, mostly from my technical analysis.

There are severe indicators on the movement of Euro and the policies in some EU countries that will lead to the destruction of Euro itself, much fears has been put on France.

Like we fear what has happened in Greece,Ireland & Portugal.
French, Spanish, and Italian banks have run out of collateral and are now pledging real assets.

Next you will see a plans to restrict cash transactions over 1,000 euros (down from the current limit of 2,500 euros, or about $3,200).

and Swiss officials are preparing for the end of the euro with capital control measures.

So as i wrote here, Europe's CEOs are actively preparing for the end of the euro despite governmental reassurances.

Some, like German machinery maker GEA Group AG are limiting the maximum funds on deposit with any single bank.
Others, like Grupo Gowex, are moving cash and deposits to Germany away from Spanish banks (and Grupo Gowex is a Spanish company based in Madrid, so this is especially telling).
BMW plans to cut production by 30% while also tapping into central bank reserves, the company is already reducing its leasing portfolio to cope with the potential decrease in car values that would impact its borrowing capacity.

At the same time, money managers the world over are selling their European bonds. This is driving prices lower and yields higher to the point where the cost of debt is now prohibitive (bond prices and yields move in opposite directions).

As a result, new bank bond issuance may be down as much as 85% over the past two years, which further hobbles cash hungry European banks.

As for what all this means for our money, that's pretty clear - think SAFETY FIRST.
Stick with what you have in place now and manage the risk.

I am personally hope that it will be better future if the government-people be able to work it out and be hand to hand helping each other.

We are now in Havana, Cuba for treatment. I will resume my work February,next year onward.